You ARE a creative being.

Cristi Fer Art and Creativity Retreat Concept
You ARE a creative being

You were born with all the qualities, resources and abilities of accessing and expressing it. Re connect and re discover your creative identity.
Our program is a unique blend of creative expression and finding ways to connect to inner knowingness.
The Divergent mind, also known as the Creative mind, is the doorway to your ability to adapt to change, overcame transitions smoothly and respond to life daily challenges in a more peaceful and positive way.
Studies have shown that 98% of children 3-5 years old are creative. Creativity is a state of being. By the age of 21 only 2 % of the young adults still employ it. So, every generation starts with a great potential for creativity. Down the road of social conditioning only few maintain it, and even fewer have the courage to claim it as their identity.
In ancient times the 2 %, The Creative and Sensitive individuals, were highly appreciated. They were the Shamans, the painters, healers and guides of the society. They influenced culture and history.

Dreams and the ability to dream are intertwining with the Divergent mind. Sleep and dreams are as necessary to humans as are shelter and food. The dream state give the brain the ability to regenerate and the body to heal.
Dreams are the resource inventors top into. They are what are also known in the corporate terms, the Field of Tension; The status pro versus the new circumstances of the present. In the dream sate we naturally operate in this field.  The Ancient cultures were calling it Dream Time, the point where the Left brain receives and interprets the solutions of the Right brain. The importance of dreams is being downplayed in today society, only to be replaced by “controlled dream like” images: in commercials, and the chatter of the “news”, etc..

Regain your ability to be creative and dream. Painting and writing are easy forms of expressing the Creative Self. You don’t need to be an artist! The individuals who attend our retreat are women at crossroads, face with transition and change. Also we welcome artists of and genre who feel stack.
By accessing at will, this aspect of yourself, you’ll find gentler ways to deal with change/ transitions, increase the ability to accept yourself, and open your heart to love and knowingness.

Contact us today! A week can change your life!

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