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Cristiana Marinescu is a facilitator of change.
With an eclectic background and love of spiritual adventure, Cristiana developed a unique process as a blend of her personal journey.
She was born in Rumania in a family of art lovers. Encouraged to paint from an early age she used art as a form of personal expression in hard and happy times, an outlet for feelings and a tool of processing daily life experiences.
After moving to New York City she graduated from the School of Visual Arts. In NY she discovered Art Therapy and studied at the New School for Social Research and Carl Jund Foundation.  Here she also studied Healing and Creative Visualization and found a deep connection between images, healing and dreams.
From here on she embarked on a spiritual quest and an over 30 year journey of spiritual practice.
Next were studies at Alfred Adler Institute of Minnesota, and at Leadership in Human Systems in Seattle WA.

Putting it all together Cristiana created a gentle, yet empowering strategy to work with individuals ready to face change and transitions and awaken the inner Muse.
Cristiana facilitation style is respectful, affirming and creative.
Cristiana offers painting and self-discovery workshops since 1989 in NY, Midd West, Pacific Northwest of US, Playa del Carmen, San Miguel de Allende and Puerto Vallart in Mexico.

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