Art Therapy & My Approach

Art Therapy definitions
"A type of psychotherapy that encourages the expression of emotions through artistic activities such as painting, drawing, or sculpture; psychotherapy based on the belief that the creative process involved in the making of art is healing and life-enhancing."

‘It is the ‘art’, that is its special contribution, leading to change...” (Kramer, 1971)

Art therapy, in my opinion, it's a gentle way of better understanding yourself, discovering and removing blocks and nurturing personal growth.
In my experience the very expressing using the artistic language unleashes the gates of self tealing. I as the supporting agent, I am a witness of the process and guides you to understanding it yourself.
Creating art is natural.
The process places us in a comforting place where we let go and express in a none judgmental way. It also serves as a form of release of emotions, thoughts, and uncovers damaging learned behaviors.
I am not giving you answers or interpret your drawings, my roll is to ask questions or suggest activities that your lead you to your personal self healing and discovery so YOU give yourself permission to heal.

I incorporate creative visualization techniques, your dreams (night or day dreams) the art creating time and discussions generated by your art.  

What are my areas of focus:

Life Transitions
Grief / Loss
Chronic pain
Creative expression (artists, entrepreneurs)

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