Friday, May 8, 2020

Coaching and mentoring for artists and creative people looking for support

Looking to overcame the creative block? Do you want to paint but can't. Do you need support to continue painting or creating during this challenging times? Or did you always wanted to learn to draw and paint? Is it time to look over your half done paintings or project and take them to the next step?

I can help. We can meet on Skype or Zoom for face to face, one on one sessions.
Now I offer Special quarantine prices! $35.00 USD per 1.5 hours sessions.
How it works:

- Most of us need a sounding board, and now more then ever
- I offer support and direction
- Suggestions, guidance and constructive criticism
- Accountability to overcome excuses for not showing up to the page
- Exploring new subjects and approaches
- I am an honest and supportive mentor and coach
I have being teaching adults, writing curriculum and leading creativity workshops for the last 30 years, in US and Mexico. When we are free to meet face to face I offer workshops in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
I have also works with individuals, by employing art therapy and counseling to help them overcome depression, anxiety, chronic pain and life transitions. 
Contact me now, and lets set us a 20 min. free consultation

Friday, May 1, 2020

Find tranquility in chaotic times with ART

During these challenging times, all over the world, we are faced with uncertainty Uplift your spirit, understand yourself better, relax and express yourself, fear, adjustments to isolation. These new circumstances upsurge feelings of depression, anxiety, self-doubt, grief, insomnia, addiction.
An uplifting, constructive and relaxing alternative is Therapeutic Art. A session can help you sort out thoughts, heal, grow, and serve as a positive alternative to boredom, or obsessive negative thoughts. Creating art, it’s natural! No art experience is necessary, and if you do not have art martials a pencil and paper will suffice.
It is an online session, real time interaction. Cristiana is an experienced artist therapist who is extending this prospect due to the current difficult times.