Saturday, April 11, 2020

Why Art Therapy OnLine in real time?

In the last months our life have changed completely. We are faced with new every day challenges. What we took for granted, the ability to walk around town, meet with friends, give and receive a hug are the very things we crave. Even the things we may be complained about, the crowds, long lines at the supermarket, crowded restaurants, are experiences we miss.  Being on contact with many on Facebook I could not help but notice that the hared moments get harder, the solitude only brings many addictions to re surface and be triggered, people straggling with depression are only sinking deeper especially when facing this times alone.
In the last 12 years I advertised little my services as art therapist. Most of my clients were referrals and repeat clients. Now I decided it is time to offer you the option of my art therapy services on line.
This are real time face to face sessions and you and I can interact. This is not a self guided course, or videos and directions you receive weekly. This is personal! 
How Can Art Therapy Help?
Making art it's innate. No "talent" or experience are needed.
The language of images can help you by pass judgments and filters of the mind and the Ego.
Art has a direct line to Soul, to unconscious memories and expectations, expressing your deepest feelings, doubts, concerns, then understanding, accepting and processing them will bring lightness, tranquility and freedom.
How does it work?
I offer a free 20 min. consultation to discuss your goals and answer any questions about Art Therapy, via phone call or Skype.
Sessions will meet on Skype or Face-time
Session length 1.5 hours
Payment, via PayPal. All sessions must be payed in advance to secure your time.
Cost: my regular fee is $150.00 USD per session, 2 hours. During this difficult times I offer you the session at $35.00 USD, for 1.5 hours session. You can reserve one session or multiple sessions.
I am very flexible with the time.
Monday to Saturday between 10 AM to 7 PM 
If you can not make your session you must give me a 24 hours notice to reschedule otherwise your payment will be charged as a no show.

Step by Step
1. Contact me via contact form expressing your interest, reason you want to engage in Art Therapy, and a convenient time to meet for your FREE 20 min consultation.
2. We'll set an appointment
3. You will make a PayPal payment
4. I will send you a list of art materials. If you do not have any no problem. A pen and paper will be sufficient.
5. Sign into Skype 2 min. prior of the time of the session.
6. After the session it's over we can take another 5 min. to schedule the next session if you choose to.

Please contact me via the Contact form if you have any questions.
Wishing you well
Stay safe

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