Saturday, April 25, 2020

Do you have a ruff day today?

We are creatures of habit. Small changes can upset us until we accept them. Big changes, such as changing your daily routine, at a fairly rapid speed, can bring in anger, confusion and frustration. Add to add confinement and health problems, the result can bring one in an extremely stressful emotional space.
I started offering Therapeutic art online because I am seeing it clear, from talking to friends and from many posts on Facebook, haw you are straggling. Many time people joke and make light of how their use of drugs and alcohol increases, or plain outright they say “Today I have a ruff time”.
Therapeutic art is not a cure, or an easy fix, but it is a way to look inside your heart and open it to a gentler, more accepting attitude. Help you relax. It can help find a healthier pass to growth and healing.
If you want to give Therapeutic art a try, send me an E mail and we can connect for a free 20 min. consultation.

Immage: An individual expressing feelings with the use of pen and paper

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